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T-Shirt Titan 2.0 PRO - Explode Your T-Shirt Sales With 6 NEW Features!


T-SHIRT TITAN 2.0 PRO - Congratulations & Welcome To T-Shirt Titan 2.0 PRO! FEATURES: Tee Database - 6,000 T-Shirt Designs. Search 6,000+ t-shirt designs from 6 sites - TeeSpring, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Wanelo, Zazzle, Etsy & Pinterest. These t-shirts were hand-picked.based on my formula. Instantly get all the key details - an image of the t-shirt, price & the number of sales (TeeSpring & eBay), Sales Rank (Amazon), Adds (Wanelo), Likes (RedBubble), Saves (Wanelo) etc. An instant overview of 100 niches in 1 click. My Zero to $10k Diary - 30 Pages. Imagine going from ZERO to selling $12,000 of t-shirts in 30 days, and keeping daily notes (totalling 30 pages, with 20 campaigns & 12 split-tests). I'm talking about detailed screenshots of every campaign I run - look to the left - on the last day I did £306 (about $480) worth of t-shirt sales in 1 day... I'll show you this actual campaign and 20 others, with EVERY detals exposed for you to see. $479/day Facebook Campaigns. Inside my diary, I also kept detailed notes of every campaign I ran on Facebook... every ad, every split-test - it's all here (including campaigns that made me as much as $500 per day). I'm talking about detailed screenshots of every test (eg.see image to the left - I show FB + targeting, cost per conversion/share/website click for this campaign, plus number of sales & my daily diary commentary). Advanced Training Inside! So Are You Ready To Make Next Level Profits? The first step is to click on the order button below. I'll send you an instant access to ALL FOUR T-Shirt Titan PRO features... The Tee Database software, pre-loaded with 6,000 proven t-shirt designs from TeeSpring, eBay, Amazon & more... My Zero to $12k notes - 30 pages where I show you exactly what I did over 30 days - my first five-figure month. My Facebook campaigns where I made as much as $479 in t-shirt sales (I'll show you everything!). The Advanced Video series that were too powerful to include with the core TITAN package. BUY NOW!