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EZ Magic Video: Local Edition


Have you ever wished you could have Pro Spokespersons say EXACTLY what you wanted -- without having to pay out the “Big Bucks”? Now you can!! With this FIRST EVER innovative software, you can create the video you want with REAL HUMANS and have them say virtually whatever you want, LINE BY LINE! "Our Users Absolutely LOVE EZ Magic Video!" Click Here To Get EZ Magic Video Local Edition Now. "87% Of All Online Marketers Use Video Content… We are truly living in the age of video. It is an incredibly compelling way to engage with people and sell online. Videos make sales and people are asking for it." But Most Video Styles Are Missing One Critical Element… Unfortunately Past Solutions Have Had Two Major Problems. #1 Working with Professional Actors & Actresses Is Very Expensive. Not only are your costs high when working with professionals, scripting what they will say is also a great challenge when you aren’t a professional copywriter. #2 Current Available Software with Human Spokespersons Gives You NO Control Over What They Actually Say! Human spokespersons in “pre-made” templates offer no flexibility with what is said. Bring the element of HUMAN INTERACTION back into your videos today, and watch your results skyrocket. Whether you are using these videos for your own marketing, or selling them to others, you don’t want to go another day without EZ Magic Video. When you pick this up today, you can start creating your EZ Magic Videos in minutes. World’s #1 Human Spokesperson Software Built By Marketers For Marketers. Select Exactly What Each Professional Spokesperson Says, Line By Line! Produces Amazing HD Commercials Ready To Sell For $100's of Dollars Each (Or Use Yourself). Thousands Of Clips To Choose From. Incredible Amount Of Customization. 100% Cloud-Based. Nothing to Install. Ever! Featuring A Variety Of Spokespersons. Point-and-Click Software For Fast and Easy Video Creation.