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WP Video Machine - Turn Blog Posts into Videos


Automated Software to Get unlimited traffic and backlinks from Google's top video site for FREE. Turn all your blog posts into videos at the click of a button. New Software Drives Unlimited FREE TRAFFIC & Backlinks to Your Sites with New 1-Click Blog to Video Technology. Get Unlimited Authority Backlinks, Videos & Traffic for Your Content Sites in just 1-Click. FEATURES: Fully Automated Video Creator for Wordpress. Turns any blog post into a Video and gets you free traffic & backlinks from Youtube. Create long or short videos for each article. Automatically fetch images from post & find more images based on tags. Search from 1,000,000+ free images for your videos. 1-Click Video Creation from any blog post. Automatically convert text to voice-over & create talking videos. Male / Female voices in over 9 different languages. Fully Wordpress based, nothing to install on your computer. Automatically Upload Video to Youtube after video is created. Automatically add relevant Tags to every video. Auto-generate video title and description. Automatically adds backlink to your blog posts. 1-Click Social Sharing for more free traffic (after video is created). 1-Click Add Video to original Post (after video is created).