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Motion Ads 3.0


Attention MARKETERS, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS, and VIDEO CREATORS! Learn How to Create HYPNOTIC and MESMERIZING Cinemagraphs, Plotagraphs, & 3D Photos to Instantly Capture People's Attention, and Let Them Stay to See Your Message! Be DIFFERENT and STANDOUT from the rest! While flat images and long video ads are great, they are becoming so common that people are now getting bored at them. Besides, the span of people's attention these days is becoming shorter and shorter. With so many people asking for attention in social media nowadays, the usual images and videos alone, don't work anymore. You have to use more unique and engaging types of ads, which are CINEMAGRAPHS, PLOTAGRAPHS, and the new 3D PHOTOS. Facebook started 3D photos sometime in 2018, but it was only for iPhones that has dual camera. Thankfully, they now allowed the created of these NEW engaging artform in any desktops as well. You probably saw this 3D posters of popular movies released lately...