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Immediately Boost Your ROI & Save Thousands In Ad Spend Exploiting a Loophole Within Facebook’s Retargeting System... Thousands Of Businesses Are Paying Facebook To Show Ads To Accidental & Uninterested Audiences. It’s said that in order to get someone to buy from you they need to see your product on average 7 times. That’s why retargeting is the BEST form of advertising. Retargeting follows your website visitors around the internet until they purchase from you. This easily increases the amount of sales you make from your website. The problem is: Whenever you use retargeting over Facebook, Facebook forces you to advertise to all of your website visitors. So you pay Facebook to advertise to every visitor including accidental and uninterested visitors who came to your website once and left immediately. This leads to you paying significantly higher prices for retargeting website visitors, getting significantly lower clickthrough rates on your ads and it’s more difficult to profit. The fact is: Businesses are unknowingly flushing millions of dollars down the drain every single day because they are advertising to people who will never buy from them. Upgrade Your Retargeting With a Simple Line Of Code Whenever you want to retarget website visitors over Facebook, you paste in a code from Facebook onto your website. Facebook then adds that visitor to your ‘retargeting list’ inside of Facebook. You (and every other Facebook advertiser) are then forced to advertise to 100% of your website visitors. You don’t have a choice. You are stuck paying money to advertise to everyone. You are paying money to advertise to accidental and even uninterested website visitors. Why? Because Facebook prevents you from identifying your hottest prospects.You are always going to be paying to advertise to visitors who aren’t interested in buying if you are using regular Facebook.retargeting. The only way to solve this problem is by first identifying what level of interest your website visitors have before they are added to your Facebook retargeting list. This way you only advertise to visitors who are likely to buy. ORDER NOW!