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FOREX CFD (CONTRACT FOR DIFFERENCE) TRADER - Give Me 5 Minutes and Let Me Show You How I Am Pulling $50-$200 A Day Out of a Single Chart Trading a Single MICRO Lot AND How Anyone With An Account Balance of $100 Can Do The Same.


Are You Frustrated By Go-Nowhere Currency Pairs That Just Don’t Seem To Have Any Momentum and Volatility? Learn About A Single Simple Change You Can Make In Your Trading Charts That Will Put You In The Driver’s Seat And Leave Your Broker Begging For Mercy! If You Are a Real Forex Trader And What You See Here Doesn’t Get Your Heart Racing Over All The Possibilities, Then You Might Need To Admit To Yourself That You HATE Money. You already know how tough it is to trade Forex profitably. There are hours and even days when charts remain flat. Prices can spike when you least expect it and either they take you out at your stop loss or they make 30-40 pip moves when you aren’t in any trades. You can have a couple of great winning days in a row and then BAM! You give it all back plus some when price action starts working against you. It’s kind of like spending all day in Gladiator School. You’re damned lucky if you can get out with your skin intact on most days. But as an experienced Forex trader, this also means you’ve picked up some valuable skills along the way, and it would be an absolute shame if you didn’t put those skills to good use when you have the chance. And this is that chance. Why? Because many Forex brokers have recently started adding CFDs to the list of available charts you can now trade through your Forex broker (and Yes, several of them accept US and Canadian based clients). CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO... Let’s get started.