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INTRODUCING RAPIFY LOCAL, THE DRAG & DROP WEBSITE PLATFORM THAT BUILDS LUCRATIVE MULTI-PAGE LOCAL BUSINESS WEBSITES -- WITH CONTENT -- FOR YOU! Easier than any other platform. Quickest site building ever. Full-featured drag & drop builder. 12 in-demand local websites built in Premium advanced features. Simple “auto-logic” website customization. Extremely fast loading websites. SEO optimized with schema markup. FROM THE DESK OF JACK HOPMAN… You and I both know how profitable local business websites can be. The demand is certainly there: Businesses NEED to be online in order to be taken seriously... yet CNBC reports 45 percent of the businesses out there STILL don’t have a website. And they’re willing to pay you in not one, but TWO ways: First, an upfront fee for building the website; and second, an ongoing monthly fee for maintenance and hosting. You can easily make $100/hour upfront and then monthly income that builds as you add more clients. Or maybe you’re a domain investor or lead generation specialist… You put websites on your niche domains and then flip the domain for hundreds or thousands in instant profit... or you sell/lease the leads the websites have generated for ongoing recurring profit streams. THERE’S A TON OF MONEY TO BE MADE IN ALL THOSE METHODS, BUT LET’S FACE IT, THERE’S A BIG CATCH… YOU STILL HAVE TO BUILD THE WEBSITE! That usually means diving into HTML or PHP code, or maybe an expensive site builder app. Each has its issues... With HTML/PHP, you can spend hours, even days, slogging away to design and build a website that your client may not even like. The more time it takes, the less per hour you’re making from your upfront client fee. Or, it’s just a flat-out speculative time expense if you’re into domains or lead gen. EITHER WAY, IT’S TRADING YOUR TIME FOR DOLLARS -- NOT A PATHWAY TO AN EARLY RETIREMENT. And unless you’re a magical design whiz AND a website coding whiz all in one, you’re setting yourself up for rework after rework. Hours of extra work you’re NOT getting paid for. Maybe you’re a smart one and you bought yourself a package of website templates. Kudos to you, you’re smarter than the average bear... But you’re STILL stuck wading through code every time you want to build a new client site, or make changes to an existing client site. By Now, You’re Probably Thinking To Yourself… IT’S 2020… THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY! Check out RAPIFY LOCAL and get fast results without any coding! CLICK BELOW FOR INSTANT ACCESS NOW! The Holy Grail of Local...