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DashNex PowerTech [+ BONUSES] - Supercharge Your Online Business With Our ‘Copy & Paste Simple’ Amazon Cloud-Based Technology Without Wasting a Fortune on Monthly Recurring Payments.


Launch Any Type of Lightning Fast, Mobile Responsive Website, or High Converting eCommerce Store in Minutes. Use it For Your Own Business or Your Client. Create mobile responsive, HTML based websites. Launch fully featured eCommerce stores. Add UNLIMITED pages on your sites. Sell UNLIMITED products from your stores. Send UNLIMITED traffic to websites and stores. Automatic security, backup and updates. 24/7 Email Support. Easy to use, and more. LIMITED TIME SPECIAL - Get Instant Access to The Entire DashNex PowerTech for a LOW ONE TIME FEE! ONE TIME (Normally $1,448 per year). Web-based. No installation or download required. Compatible with both Windows and Mac. Zero risks. 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Most Funnel Builders, Hosting Providers and eCom Platforms Are Designed to Drain Your Wallet and Here is How. It’s clear as a day that most platforms don’t want you to succeed. I mean, how otherwise you can explain the fact that… they make you commit to a monthly recurring charge WAY BEFORE you launch an eCom store or a website? There is no overhead for them to have you to have an account on their platforms. It costs nothing to them. Yet, companies like Shopify, Clickfunnels, and a bunch of others are charging premium recurring fees just to have an account with them. Crazy, isn’t it? But it even doesn’t end there. As soon as you start to build something on these platforms, you suddenly get exposed to even more ‘WALLET DRAINING’ scenarios, and here they are: You either need to buy bunch apps to get your website or store configured Or, you have to hire a high priced consultant or web developer or both so that they can do the configurations and setups for you. In fact, most of these companies are actively pushing their consultancy programs, teaching consultants how to charge excessive fees just for setting up a basic funnel or eCom store. It’s insane. And if you’re someone who is starting from scratch as I did, and you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest just to get an online business idea tested, you are left with basically two choices: go deeply in debts or just give up before you even start. Why ‘THE RIGHT’ Platform Can Make All The Difference for Your Results Today? The short answer is SPEED TO MARKET. With DashNex PowerTech, you're getting access to two web-based platforms that are essential to turn an idea to a money-making business online quickly. Both platforms are designed with the SPEED, SIMPLICITY, and CONVERSIONS in mind so that you don't waste time and resources on additional tools, plugins, or applications. CLICK BELOW For More Information.