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10m Youtube Ads - The Strategy We Used To Scale Our Youtube Ads From $0 To $100k/mo In 30 Days. Thousands Of Students Served


Finally, I Reveal My Strategy For Scaling Youtube Ads From $0 To $100k/month. If you want to get more dream customers and clients for your coaching, consulting or online course business, you need to understand what’s in this training. The day the earth stood still.. And I started to lose $7k a day. I logged in to my account on that tuesday morning, happily drinking a cup of coffee when my eyes suddenly froze… It couldn’t be real, could it? I blinked twice, hoping my eyes had deceived me, but it was still there. The red bar of death. My ad account had been shut down. You’re no longer allowed to use Facebook products to advertise. “You can’t run ads, manage advertising assets or create new ad or business accounts.” Restricted. Banned. No longer allowed to run ads. And there wasn’t even a reason WHY… I wanted to cry. Or punch something. Or both. This is the same ad account bringing in an average of $6k – $7k/day in revenue for my company. What was just a couple hours earlier a multiple six-figure per month business had come to a grinding halt in a matter of minutes. Every day that I wasn’t running ads, I was losing up to $7,000. It’s like someone showing up at your house everyday with a stack of cash for months straight, and all of a sudden you get a phone call that they’re not coming the next day. Meanwhile, you’ve hired a full staff that expects to get paid, whether that money shows up or not. I was out of traffic. The worst part was, I knew this day was coming. This was MY fault. See, all of my customers were coming from FB ads… I had been warned that I was taking a big risk by relying on Mark Z. as a business partner. Now, I was stuck with the thought that it might all be over. I had been warned that ONE slap could take me out. That FB doesn’t actually care about my business, and one glitch in the algorithm could wipe me off the map. All in all, I figured about 1,000 people were counting on me to get this figured out. YouTube couldn’t work for me… could it? I couldn’t have been more wrong about YouTube. I wanted the real deal. I wanted the ferrari of advertising. When you can put $1 in and get $2 back you’ve created true freedom in your business. Finally a solution... GET STARTED NOW! Click Below for Instant Access!