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VIRAL SOCIMASTERS (Restaurant Edition) FACEBOOK VIRAL EVENTS APP + BONUS - Turn Powerful Facebook Local App Into A Viral Traffic Machine And Generate High Ticket Local Clients With Just 10 Minutes Of Easy Setup!


Turn Powerful FB Local App Into A Viral Traffic Machine And Generate High Ticket Local Clients With Just 10 Mins. Of Easy Setup! 100% Free Viral Traffic. Simple, Newbie Friendly Method. Zero Start-Up Budget. No Technical Skills Necessary. 3 Easy Copy/Paste Steps. Simple 10 Mins. Set Up Make Money Without Stepping A Foot Outside Your Door! Make Sure you Secure a Copy of This System Before It Is Too Late! Creating Facebook Events, And Getting Them Onto The Facebook Local App Is The Best Way To Generate Viral Traffic That Turns Into Real Customers Which Means Loads Of New Business For Any Restaurant or Local Business. his is the Facebook Local App. Most restaurants are competing with each other inside the ‘Food’ or ‘Tea and coffee’ sections where Facebook Is Using Their Secretive Algorithm to Rank Restaurants based on location, activity on FB page, number of likes on FB page, number of reviews on Facebook, number of check ins, if they’re paying for FB ads. But What If There Was A Way To ‘Leapfrog’ All Of The Competition? Facebook’s own research shows that more people are pressing the ‘Events’ button than ‘Food’ or ‘Tea and coffee'. In Fact, Because Facebook Knows How Popular Events Are. They make sure, when opening the app, the first page a user views is ‘Events Today' With a list of suggested events for the user to attend! It’s Human Nature For People To Want To Be Social, But with the popularity of social media, it is growing each and every day. Why? People who press ‘Food’ or ‘Tea and coffee’ are specifically looking for somewhere to eat and drink. However, many more people press ‘Events’ as they’re just looking for interesting things to do in their current area. Nearly half of millennials (48%) say they attend events so they have something to share on social channels. This trend is even more powerful for parents: 61% admit to attending events to gain social media material. 9 out of 10 millennials have attended at least one live event within the past 12 months — significantly up from three years ago (82%). And as they move into parenthood and their prime spending years, your millennial audience is more potent than ever. Over half of millennials (53%) are now parents. As a result, two thirds are attending more daytime, family-suitable events on the weekend now than they did 5 years ago. And Yet Practically No Restaurant Owners Are Aware Of How Powerful Events Are For Exposure And Viral Traffic! And the ones that do never even consider creating an event because they think it involves planning a real event, such as a party or special night… (which means too much work for them). Today, You're Going To Discover A Sneaky Way To Create ‘Viral Events’ For Restaurants. Getting Them Seen in Newsfeeds and Featured on the Facebook Local App, Which Can Dramatically Increase Customers & Profits! GET INSTANT ACCESS NOW!