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Cutout Pics Pro - 72 Hour Discount


1,000+ Cutout People Photos For Your Projects. PLUS 72 Animated Powerpoint Slides That Turn Photos Into Videos. One of the most time-consuming tasks - SOLVED. We all need images for our projects. Whether it’s for videos, for websites, for social media posts, etc. One of the more time consuming tasks when it comes to any design project is finding the right image, and then cutting out the background of that image, so that you can place it into your designs. Cutout Pics Pro solves that problem by giving you 1,000 images that have already been cutout. PLUS you get 72 animated Powerpoint slides that turn photos into engaging videos. Add Images to ANY Background. What makes these images special, is that they have a transparent background. So they can easily be added on top of any other design. Easy To Navigate Cloud Based Library. All of the images are hosted for you in the cloud, inside an easy to navigate library. You can download as many images as you want, when ever you want. There are no limits. Or you can just download the full library at once to your computer. PNG Format - Compatible with Everything. All of the images are in Transparent PNG format. This format is compatible with pretty much every graphics editor, video editor, website builder, etc.. So no matter where you want to use these images, you’ll be able to add them to your projects without a problem. Choose From 1,000+ Cutout Photos In Dozens Of Categories. Everything You Need From Businessman to Dancers to Soldiers and more. BUY NOW!